The Guardian Music Weekly Podcast Review


Arguably my biggest passion in life is music (and radio of course), so when I found that there was a podcast dedicated to one of my favourite topics of new music I thought I’d found the perfect podcast for me. The Guardian music weekly podcast looks at the latest developments and news in the music world; I am an avid follower of the guardian music social media pages and regularly look at the music section on the Guardian website for the latest news and developments. In this podcast the Coachella music festival was covered, the team looked at the highlights from the first weekend of the festival, and the presenters also picked out their favourite new tracks of the week.

After the adverts at the beginning of the podcast you are thrown straight into it. The podcast sounds professional and as a listener I knew exactly what to expect from it as the music that starts off the podcast becomes the musical bed for the presenter to talk over, which sets the tone for the podcast as it later turns out that the music bed is one of the new tracks which is featured later on, the music also served as a means to break up the trail and the main body of the podcast itself while acting as a bridge between the two.

The podcast had a very conversational feel for the most part which I really enjoyed because as a listener it felt like a group of friends having a conversation about the new music and artists that they’d come across in the last week, and the conversational aspect made the podcast feel very inclusive. It was easy to see that the presenters had done their research and prepared appropriately as they sounded well informed, and their tactical use of facts reinforced the points that they were making which kept me listening to the podcast and wanting to listen to the entire thing.

The presenters themselves are another reason that I wanted to keep listening to the podcast as they had different personalities that provided good variety, and their personalities didn’t clash and make it awkward to listen to. The presenters didn’t interrupt each while trying to make their points heard and they seem to know when the person speaking has finished, and in my opinion mastered the art of conversation on the radio. The presenters also moved seamlessly between the topics and at times I didn’t realise they had changed topics at all, and the anecdotes that the presenters come up with were interesting and relevant to the topic being discussed and help to vary the content and keep the interest of the listener.

There were few negative aspects to the podcast but the thing that surprised me the most was that there was swearing in it, and at the top and tail of the show there is no warning of it which is surprising because I have become accustomed to the BBC podcasts which highlight the fact there may be content that some people would find offensive; but in my opinion the swearing isn’t out of context with the rest of the conversation in the sense that the swears are said to better highlight the point the presenters were talking about rather than swearing for the sake of it.

An aspect of the podcast that I would change would be that with the exception of the beginning of the podcast and the Coachella festival piece the podcast is completely dry, I feel that a musical bed to accompany the speech sections of the piece would help to make the content easier to consume. Another aspect that I would change is the length of the podcast its self, at 45 minutes the podcast very long and ideally it should be 20-30 minutes long. A section that talks about the latest singles I felt that bits could have been cut and music was definitely needed to accompany the presenters voices, and keep me interested in the content that was being said because at times I found myself losing interest with the podcast altogether.


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