How my opinion of Social Media has changed.

The biggest surprise for me looking back over the module is how important social media is and how effective a tool it can be when you are trying to market a particular product such as movie companies promoting their latest release, or an artist releasing their latest single or album. I’ve now come to realize that Social media is an essential when it comes to using the platform as a marketing tool, because the potential reach is global and it doesn’t cost anything to run unlike advertising on other medias such as TV and radio.

Use it wisely!

Looking back over the course I now appreciate how powerful a tool social media is and if it’s not used responsibly a user’s actions online can affect them offline with jobs, relationships etc. Looking at case studies such as the Paris Brown case really opened my eyes to the extent that online actions affect the users ‘real life’ and her actions online cost her role as youth police commissioner. This case in particular did make me think about what content I posted online because she is a similar age to me and when I’m applying for jobs in the media industry in future I don’t want to be turned down because I had posted irresponsible content, but rather that I get hired for having a good social media presence that is filled with purposeful and meaningful content that shows who I am and what I’m about. twitter bird

Developing my social media presence

Before taking this module my social media presence was good but the content of it was not. The content of my social media presence was me just randomly commenting on things I’d experienced in my life with not timescale or routine to my posting habits. Now I post regularly with meaningful content that really promotes me as a person and it shows the reader what I’m about and what my interests are and I regularly tweet people in the industry in the hope of gaining and securing contacts when I leave university and start looking for jobs in the radio and media industries.

Is it an effective tool?

Since taking this module I’ve realised that social media is one of the most effective ways for someone to market themselves with purposeful and meaningful content. For example an up and coming singer will use all forms of social media as much as possible to get the word out there about who they are, what type of music they play etc. They can do this by posting covers of songs on YouTube and having an active Twitter or Facebook feed for fans to follow and be part of the artist’s journey.

Social media addiction

Another thing that the course has highlighted to me is how  social media can literally take over someone’s life in the form of a disorder called social media addiction where a sufferer is literally addicted to social media and get an emotional high when people like or retweet their messages. I was shocked to see the extent that social media had literally taken over these people’s lives to the extent that some suffers would use social media instead of taking a shower or eating meals social media 2 .






Takeaway points

The main points that I’m going to takeaway from this module are:

  • Be sensible online or pay the price
  • It’s one of the most effective marketing tools out there today
  • Make a social media plan outlining goals and stick to it
  • Use it in moderation
  • Don’t overwhelm readers with the content you’re posting

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