A sprout that kids will love


Arielle Tye is currently the editor of The Sprout, an interactive online website aimed at 15-19 year olds in Wales. Its Arielle’s job to promote The Sprout as well as helping young people get into the media by hosting Journalism, Visual, and photographic workshops. Arielle studied BA Radio at the Atrium and graduated four years ago, during her time at university she set up the university’s student radio station Tequila Radio. Since then she has stayed in Wales and built contacts within the media industry by working in several outlets including Red Dragon FM, Traffic Link, and BBC Radio Wales.

the sprout

The Lecture

In the lecture Arielle talked about her time at university. Arielle said that she spent her spare time in the industry on work placements and internships at Radio Cardiff, Red Dragon, and the BBC. She went on to say that the time she’d spent at Red Dragon helped her to get her first job in the media as a reporter on their news team. She stated that this came as a result of the contacts she’d built with the station, and that the station chose her over students from Cardiff University.

I found this interesting because Arielle put everything into perspective because if you spend your time making contacts now, this can and often does pay dividends in the future when it comes to graduating and job hunting Post University. It also reinforces what Liz Rawlins had said in the previous week that, if I get lots of work experience and bolster my CV I will be an ideal candidate when it comes to breaking into the industry

tequila radio

What I have learnt

The main points I will take away from the lecture are:

  • Getting work experience while learning is crucial
  • Make sure that your CV stands out from the anyone else’s
  • Don’t wait until the end of your degree to start looking for jobs
  • Make sure that you have a range of transferrable skills in order to make yourself as employable as possible.

I felt that this lecture was more relevant to me personally in comparison to last week’s because Arielle is a radio graduate, and she’s used the skills that she’d learnt while on the course to help get her into the industry. It made me think that I need to get more work experience while I’m at university so I can build up a wide network of contacts in the hope that when I graduate, one of them will employ me or will know someone who can.  It was also interesting to hear her journey from university to where she is now, and how the degree had helped along the way.


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